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    Size: 12M/18M/24M

Skidders Low Cut Grip Socks
Size: 12M/18M/24M

Part Number: SGS200
Skidders Low Cut Grip Socks<br>Size: 12M/18M/24M
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Socks are now optional at My Gym, and these Skidders socks are the only socks that may be worn by kids on the gym floor.  So sell these Skidders socks in your gym for kids who want to wear socks and to satisfy parents who want their children to wear socks for health, safety, and comfort (including warmth during cold weather).

Skidders socks have gripper material fused on the entire bottom of the sock and provide the best traction.  These high-quality socks have the following attributes:

  • Washable – Easy wear and care
  • Safety – Non-Slip
  • Comfort – Soft and breathable
  • Traction and control
  • Flexible – Increased freedom of movement
  • Safe – Tested and approved
  • Contents – 79% nylon, 19% polyester, 2% spandex
Choose from low cut Skidders socks in sizes 12M, 18M, and 24M as well as regular Skidders socks in size 6M.  Each gym should begin with a starter pack consisting of 26 pairs in assorted styles and sizes. Gyms who purchase a starter pack will save 5% off the regular price. Socks can be purchased individually as well.

 Print the flyer from the print system and display it on your counter.  Display the socks on a counter display or store them in baskets by size on or below the counter.  Displays and baskets are available from

 Make your members comfortable and safe with Skidders socks while earning extra income for your gym.