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My Gym Activity Card

Foam Rings – Set of 2

Now you can extend the benefits from elements of My Gym’s unique program by bringing home the rings we use in class.  The activities listed below will enhance children’s My Gym experience, further develop semi-complex skills, increase fine and gross motor skills, and expand imaginations.  Have fun! 

Parents, be sure to participate with your younger children in performing the following activities.  Interactive play fosters parent-child bonding, helps develop listening skills, and makes for loads of fun!  Older children can do the activities on their own but may need your assistance.

My Mind

Educational Skills and Senses


  • Balance a ring on your head.  Look from side to side.  Don’t let it fall.  Now, sneeze it off.  Achoo!  Repeat.  Sneeze and catch it.  Put your hands out in front of you, tilt your head, and catch the ring. 
  •   Hold it in front of your face and look through it.  You’re a penny!
    •    Make a happy penny.
    • Make a sad penny.
    • Make a silly penny.
  • Hold it under your chin.  It’s hard to talk like this!
  •  Put it on your wrist.  It’s a bracelet.  Now it’s a watch.  Can you make it spin around your wrist?
  •   Hold the ring on just one finger; now the other finger. 
  • Put one foot in your ring and lift the ring up.  Do the same thing with your other foot.
  • Now you’re going to hold the ring up in the air with your feet and do a V-sit:  Put your hands on the ground behind you to help your back stay up.  Lift the ring up in the air with your feet.  Use your tummy muscles.  “Hey you’re the letter “V”!  (Parents will need to help younger children.) 

My Body

Physical Skills, Eye-Hand Coordination, and Fine & Gross Motor Skills


  • Put the ring on your right arm, near your elbow.  Next, put your two hands together (clasp hands) and shimmy and shake so the ring goes down your right arm and over to your left arm without letting your hands come apart.
  • Stand the ring up in front of you on the floor. Hold it up with one finger . . . and then another.  Now no fingers – it falls down!  Stand the ring back up again and spin it.  You need to rotate your wrist and give the ring a spin.  (Parents may need to help.)
  • Hold the ring in one hand.  Pass it to the other hand.  Pass it back and forth from hand to hand.  Now do that faster. 
  • Pass the ring around your back to the other hand, and then pass it around your whole body.
  • Make a table position with your body.  Put your hands on the ground behind you, have your feet on the ground in front of you, and lift your tummy up.  Can you hold the ring with one foot and lift it up without letting your “table” collapse?  Now put it on your tummy while you are in the table position and balance it there while you crab-walk forward and backward. 


  • Put the ring on your head and stand up tall.  Can you turn in a circle without letting the ring fall?
  • Work on balancing.  Put your ring on the floor and pretend it’s a teeny tiny pool.  Put one toe in it to try out the water.  Cold!  Now try the other toe.  Good balancing.
  • Do a front scale:  Put your ring on one foot and lift that foot straight up in front of you and try to hold it without losing your balance?  Try the other foot. 
  • Put the ring on your foot and lift it up to give the ring to your hand.  Repeat a few times and then try with the other foot. 
  • Next do a stork stand:  Balance on one leg and put the foot of your other leg just above the knee of the standing leg.  Place the ring on the knee of the bent leg.  Can you do the other leg? Put the ring on the ground and jump over it.  Turn around and jump over it again. 

My Imagination 

Imaginative and Creative Thinking Skills

  • Hold the ring above your head.  It’s your halo.  Say, “I’m an angel . . . all the time!”
  •  Make it a pillow.  Hey, there’s a special space for your ear.  What can you hear?
  • Sit down and put both feet inside your ring and be a mermaid/merman.  You have a tail; pretend to splash the water.  Pretend to splash your parent by lifting your legs (tail) up.
  • Now lie down on top of your ring and hide it from your parent under your tummy.  Where did it go?
  • Make the ring a steering wheel and drive your car.  You’re making a left turn; lean to your left.  Now lean to the right; you’re making a right turn.  Lean back to go up a hill.  Now lean forward to speed down the hill.  Put on the brakes!!

Sports Skills

  • Ring Toss:  Practice tossing the ring, as when you’re playing horseshoes.  Find an object such as a small stuffed animal, cone, or plastic tumbler placed upside down.
    • Start by standing right in front of the object.  Hold the ring in two hands and look through the ring down at the object.  Use your aim to drop the ring right over the object/cone.  Repeat 2 times.
    • Take a big step back.  Practice aiming.  Look at the object and gently swing your ring right at the object and let go.  Practice until you get it.  You can use two hands first and then try using one hand.  Using two hands helps to keep the ring steady and flat to go over the object more easily. 
    • Try it stepping a little bit farther back as you go along. 

Other Fun Games and Uses 


  • Flying Disc (like a Frisbee):  You can throw the ring as you would a Frisbee.  Remember to keep your ring flat like a pizza when you throw this way.  Your thumb is on top, and your other fingers are underneath.  See how far you can throw.  (This is best performed outside.) 
  • Try rolling the ring back and forth to each other. 
  • You can have car races.  Pretend your rings are steering wheels and race against a friend. 
  • Have a three-legged race!  Two people stand side by side.  Each of you put one foot inside the ring.  (The ring should be resting around your ankles.)  Now work together to walk from one point to another.  You have to stay together and make sure the feet that are sharing the ring go at the same time.  Now go faster.  Now race against another pair! 
  • Two-Man Freeze Tag:  This is fun with a good sized group of friends.  First, each child finds a partner.  Now both people in a set of partners (couples) must hold the ring with one hand…or both hook their elbows inside the ring.  They are “stuck” together.  They cannot come apart!  Now either a parent or a selected “stuck” couple (the tagger) tries to tag all the other couples.  If a couple comes apart, they must freeze; and, if a couple gets tagged, they must freeze.  Frozen couples can become unfrozen if they are tagged by other couples who are not frozen; so, when you get tagged and frozen, yell “HELP,” so other couples who are not frozen will come tag you to unfreeze you.  Determine a set length of time to play a round.  If all the couples are frozen when time is up, the tagger team is the winner.  If the couples go for the set amount of time without ALL becoming frozen, they are the winners.