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    (Set of 6)

Mymo Time! Wooden Stamp Set
(Set of 6)

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Hand stamps have long been a tradition at My Gym. Giving children My Gym stamps on their hands or arms serves as a fun reward and sends them home with a reminder of My Gym that can last for days. Accordingly, the Merchandise Division worked closely with Melissa & Doug to develop the Mymo Time! Wooden Stamp Set. This high-quality set, which contains several My Gym-branded wooden stamps and a stamp pad, is designed for use in the gym and at home.

  • 4 durable wooden stamps
  • Mymo and My Gym branding
  • Stamp size 1” x 1”
  • Stamps indented for easy grip
  • Image displayed on top of stamp
  • Royal blue and red stamp pad
  • Child-safe washable ink
  • Stamp pad case 3-3/4” x 2-3/4"
  • Wood box
  • Shrink wrapped with colorful and detailed information
  • Durable design for everyday use in the gym and mobile programs
  • Attractive packaging and high-end design for retail sale
  • Ideal as birthday party favors

This set also contains six extension activities designed so parents and kids can interact, learn, have fun, and be active while using these stamps. Click on the images on this page to see the extension activities. This is another great way for members and parents to continue the My Gym experience at home while using fun products the “My Gym way.”

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