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Mymo Plush Doll

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Gyms, parents, and kids all love the new Mymo Plush Doll.  It will instantly capture the attention of kids and parents who will say: “How can I get one?”

This 11.5” high-quality soft plush doll looks just like Mymo with incredible detail down to his facial features, hair curl, clothing, and more.  It even has a convenient hanging loop, making it possible for Mymo to “hang out” anywhere – in the gym, strollers, cribs, car seats, and more.

You’re going to get a lot of use out of the Mymo Plush Doll for all sorts of activities and occasions.  It's used during a lot of games for all age groups, including I Spy Mymo, Freeze Dance Mymo, Parachute Games, Hot Potato, and Rescue Relay.  The Mymo plush doll is also in the curriculum for many Adventures like Circus Tent and Rain Forest, and also during Separation Time.  You will love using the Mymo Plush Doll in your camps this summer as well.

With branded products like the Mymo Plush Doll, Mymo Hand Puppet, and Mymo Stretchkins in our programming and other activities, My Gym further distances our gyms from their competitors with unique My Gym activities, products, and experiences that others can’t copy.

All gyms are required to purchase 3 to 5 plush dolls, and we suggest you purchase additional dolls to display in your gym to sell to your members for their own kids, as gifts, and as party favors.

Like other curriculum products, the Mymo Plush Doll is discounted for gyms.  You'll receive a discount of 10% for your initial order of 3 units or more, so be sure to stock up during your first order.  

10% Off 3 or More Plush Dolls
*Applies To First Order Only*