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    **Reduced Price!**

Mymo Adventures DVD
**Reduced Price!**

Part Number: EN100DVD
Mymo Adventures DVD<br>**Reduced Price!**
Mymo Adventures DVD
**Reduced Price!**
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Viewing and participating along with this stimulating DVD will mean tons of fun and fitness for your children as Mymo leads them on 6 awesome, interactive adventures! The excitement is unending as children jump into an exhilarating new world and perform at a circus, surf waves at the beach, brave rapids on a whitewater rafting trip, track wild animals on a safari, groove to the beat at a disco, and hike to the top of a mountain. Action packed and imaginative, this engaging DVD combines animated fun, live action workouts, and a wisecracking puppet named Alphonzo Bartholomew III, better known as “Alphonse.” Created to educate, entertain, and motivate children to be active, Mymo’s Adventures will help them develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and fine/gross motor skills. And most importantly, it’s just plain fun that will be watched over and over again.