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Fish Glove Puppet

Part Number: P112
Fish Glove Puppet
Fish Glove Puppet
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This one-of-a-kind fish glove puppet is truly a unique and fun item. Adults or children can put on this glove and make the fish come “alive”! This is sealed in retail packaging with an exclusive My Gym activity sheet with finger plays, action songs and rhymes, the benefits of which are far-reaching:

  • Encourages children to participate verbally
  • Increases attention span
  • Teaches children to follow directions
  • Increases manual dexterity and muscle control
  • Teaches number concepts, order, and sequence
  • Develops listening skills
  • Offers support in reading technique that aids in language development
  • Allows for self-expression, encouraging a child’s own response in his/her use of body and speech
  • Enhances parent bonding and interaction